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Do you have a strong desire to pack in those cigarettes that have controlled your life for so long?

Do you wish to take back that control and break free of the hold that cigarettes have on you?

Do you wish to become healthier, fitter and financially better off?

If so, then hypnotherapy may be the answer.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help people banish cigarettes from their lives (New Scientist, Vol 136).

The addiction to smoking is physical and psychological and your subconscious mind is responsible for you not being able to control your habit. Wth the use of hypnosis we can harness the power of your subconcious so that you actually do not crave cigarettes any more. You should easily be able to continue without any side effects or cravings.

I offer a follow up service if needed for 6 weeks.

How much do you send up in smoke every year ?

It is never too late to QUIT

And with quitting comes immediate health benefits:

20 Mins Blood pressure, pulse and circulation improve
8 Hours Risk of a heart attack starts to fall
24 Hours Lungs start to clear out mucus
48 Hours Your body is nicotine free. Both taste and smell will improve
72 Hours Breathing is easier and energy levels improve
2-12 Weeks Circulation improves and exercise is easier
3-9 Month Lungs improve 10 percent and breathing problems improve
5 Years Risk of heart attack goes to half of a smoker
10 Years Lung cancer is half of a smoker, risk of heart attack is the same as a non smoker

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